Our Story

Delicious cider from good sources

How Northyards Cider Co. began

The idea for Northyards Cider starting germinating many years ago at, of all places, the Bellingham “April Brews Days” Beer Festival. Alison, our cider maker, not a beer drinker, found herself alone while her partner Kathleen and their friends happily went from tent to tent drinking all the IPAs they could get their hands on. Lonely and cold, (it always rains at that festival) Alison was about to give up when she came across a cider vendor and thought she’d give it a try. A spark went off. Since that first sip of Finn River’s black currant cider, Alison’s passion has been sourcing, and later making, the most delicious craft ciders.

After a bunch of years of studying, researching and planning, Alison and Kathleen decided to go for it, put their talents together, and start their own craft cidery.


“It’s all about the juice.”

-Alison Round, Cider Maker

Our philosophy

We follow an organic approach from crop to table

Our Team

Alison Round – Head Cider Maker

Alison makes the project come to life. With her deep knowledge of blending juices and cider making she drives the production process. From sourcing the highest quality ingredients through to assuring the quality of the final product Alison runs the show.

Alison’s passion and enthusiasm for all things cider is, well, intoxicating. Alison’s talents are as numerous as they are diverse. Her focus is on the production of high quality cider. Her passion for craft cider led her to the Enology and Viticulture School in Walla Walla Washington. After successfully completing this seminal course in cider making in North America, Alison has gone on to study under celebrated Cider Master Andrew Byers from Finn River Cider in Chimacum, Washington.

Kathleen van der Ree – Business Manager and Cider Maker Supporter

Kathleen is a BC native and a practicing lawyer. Kathleen is the other half of the brainchild behind the Northyards concept. Her engagement with the craft brewing and cider community has equipped her with a diverse range of knowledge on both the industry and the emerging market. She is a wannabe sommelier and practices her tasting skills on Alison’s ciders.