Available Ciders on Tap and select in Cans

  • Dry 5.8%

    An elegant blend of locally grown apples, this cider is fermented to 100% dry and left as exactly that. Crisp green apple extends itself through this bright cider with additional herbaceous and floral notes and a clean tart finish.

  • Semi Dry 5.4%

    This is our “standard cider”- we take our Dry cider and back sweeten it with ambrosia juice, making it on the dry side, but not too dry. The perfect blend of sweet and dry.

  • Grapefruit Hop 5.4%

    This is the beer drinker’s gateway cider. Using the Semi-Dry as our base, we then lightly infused hints of Ruby Red grapefruit and Citra Hops, making this our personal favourite!

  • Raspberry 5.3%

    Fondly known as a fan favourite, we add fresh BC raspberries to our Semi-Dry cider base to make a wonderful combination of dry, fruity, not too tart but fully delicious cider. 

  • Cranberry Orange 5.3% (Seasonal)

    Orange peel on the nose (we peeled and steeped 110 oranges for this!🥵), cranberry on the tongue through the middle, and orange on the finish but with an overall nostalgia of holiday fruit punch. Tart and semi-sweet.

  • Pineapple Mint 5.3%

    We infused our dry cider blend with pineapple and fresh mint leaves to really give it that beachside bar feel. Fresh mint on the nose, smooth pineapply sweetness on the palate. Mahalo for trying it, from our ohana to yours. 🏝

  • Blackberry 5.3%

    Deep crimson in colour, winey on the nose, this one lights up the senses! Off-dry but fruit forward, this Fraser Valley blackberry-infused apple cider is reminiscent of a Beaujolais wine – fresh fruit without the tannins. Add a little drama to your glass with this dark purple cider! 

  • Tutti Frutti Punch 5.3%

    Tutti Frutti is the magic that happens when a sweet strawberry, a tart cranberry and some zippy orange zest all dive into a pool of semi dry apple cider. This cider is fruit forward, not too sweet and not too dry. Enjoy on your favorite floatie toy or from the couch while you dream about summer. Let the magic in.