Available Ciders on Tap and in Cans

  • Dry 5.8%

    An elegant blend of Okanagan grown apples, this cider is fermented to 100% dry and left as exactly that. Crisp green apple extends itself through this bright cider with additional herbaceous and floral notes and a clean tart finish.

  • Semi Dry 5.4%

    This is our "standard cider"- we take our Dry cider and back sweeten it with ambrosia juice, making it on the dry side, but not too dry. The perfect blend of sweet and dry

  • Grapefruit Hop 5.4%

    This is the beer drinker’s gateway cider. Using the Semi-Dry as our base, we then lightly infused hints of Ruby Red grapefruit and Citra Hops, making this our personal favourite!

  • Pineapple Mint 5.3%

    A new addition to our line up, this is quickly becoming the new fan favourite! Adding real pineapple fruit to our Dry cider and then infusing mint, makes this cider the perfect summer drink and pretty much Hawaii in a can!

  • Raspberry 5.3%

    Fondly known as a fan favourite, we add fresh BC raspberries to our Semi-Dry cider base to make a wonderful combination of dry, fruity, not too tart but fully delicious cider.