Available Ciders on Tap and in Cans

  • Dry 5.8%

    An elegant blend of Okanagan grown apples, this cider is fermented to 100% dry and left as exactly that. Crisp green apple extends itself through this bright cider with additional herbaceous and floral notes and a clean tart finish.

  • Semi Dry 5.4%

    This is our “standard cider”- we take our Dry cider and back sweeten it with ambrosia juice, making it on the dry side, but not too dry. The perfect blend of sweet and dry

  • Grapefruit Hop 5.4%

    This is the beer drinker’s gateway cider. Using the Semi-Dry as our base, we then lightly infused hints of Ruby Red grapefruit and Citra Hops, making this our personal favourite!

  • Raspberry 5.3%

    Fondly known as a fan favourite, we add fresh BC raspberries to our Semi-Dry cider base to make a wonderful combination of dry, fruity, not too tart but fully delicious cider.